Thursday, 1 September 2011

Stock up on popcorn, Scorsese's George Harrison flick's on the way

The academy-award winning wizard behind 'Taxi Driver' is set to release his third rockumentary on 10th October, profiling the life and sitar-twanging times of the Beatles' own moustachioed guru. Being a slightly obsessive fan of both these titans of pop culture, the wait for this one's got me fidgeting like a kid on christmas eve. In a world saturated by generic Beatles documentaries, surely only a handful of directors are capable of keeping us from yawning through such an endeavor, but the "spiritual journey" through Harrison's life that Scorsese plans to take us on could well deliver. With a wealth of previously unseen footage and unheard songs having supposedly appeared out of nowhere (where do they keep finding all this stuff?!), I'm sure 'Living In The Material World" will have me sobbing in ecstasy like Beatlemania-era jailbait. Who's joining me?

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