Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bob Dylan the Crook?

Controversy over plagiarism is a nutritious source of gossip we all like to have a slurp on. Whether it's the Coldplay/ Joe Satriani scandal or Banksy's brazen cribbing of Blek Le Rat, we lap it up with relish and giggle with glee - they've been clocked!

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Coldplay's Penis Goes Floppy

When Coldplay released 'Viva La Vida' in 2008, I honestly thought Brian Eno could do anything. If he'd have scaled Niagra Falls using only his teeth I'd have been less impressed - he'd actually made Coldplay sound good. Never having paid them any attention before, I was surprised to find myself eagerly anticipating the next rung on their evolutionary ladder. I have been disappointed.

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Friday, 9 September 2011

Tune Of The Month

                        PJ Harvey - White Chalk               [free download]

In case you didn't know, shapeshifting songstress Polly Jean Harvey beat Tinie Tempah and Adele to the Mercury Prize a few days ago (thank fuck for that), an achievement which prompted me to get well and truly stuck into her back catalogue. This is the title track of her 2007 album 'White Chalk', an incantation of bleak and eerie wilderness, and a truly stunning piece. There is something very supernatural about PJ's wispydelay-thick vocals and the lonely, haunted Dover landscape she paints with her lyrics. The album is class, and very different from anything else she's done, so if you haven't done already, check it out!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Beirut Rip It Up

Four tenderhooked years after Francis Condan's cosmopolitan rat pack graced us with the French-flavoured gallantry of 'The Flying Club Cup', part three of Beirut's story has finally been unveiled. 

'The Rip Tide', which was released a few days ago, shows Condan at his poppiest yet, with the world influences of his earlier sounds playing a much subtler role. 

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Fluid Breaks - a Trip-Hop/ Downtempo playlist

Just a few nice mellow tracks, all downloadable. Enjoy!

1.) Amon Tobin - Deo
2.) Eleven Tigers- Stableface
3.) Cinematic Orchestra - All Things To All Men
4.) Thievery Corporation - Sweet Tides
5.) Bonobo - 1009
6.) Quantic - Apricot Morning
7.) Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life
8.) Caribou - Odessa
9.) Blockhead - It's Raining Clouds
10.) Boards Of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon
11.) Bonobo - Ketto
12.) Heliocentrics - Joyride
13.) Super Numeri - When The Sun Dials
14.) Mr Scruff - Jazz Potato
15.) DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like
16.) Pilote - Up And Down


Sigur Ros double live album in the post

Having scrapped their near finished 2010 album to "go off and have babies", Sigur Rós aren't giving up on our attention, and will be releasing a double live album, complete with 75 minute film, in November this year. Recorded in 2008, 'Inni' is sure to be a gem in the collection of any sensible post-rock fan.  I'm sure I will be shoving my opinions on it down your throats the second I get my hands on it!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Florence & The Machine teaser

Last sunday, the eccentrically clad ginge and her disciples released an aperitif to their forthcoming second album, due for release in November. This spooky little number is a definite grower, in fact so much so that it's a little difficult to understand why it was picked as a single. Still, can't fault the beautiful Abbey Road production or Florence's effortless vocal control, and I am looking forward to hearing what is looking like a mature sequel.

The Eplileptic World Of Hudson Mohawke

Let me start by saying I really like Hudson Mohawke. Pointing out this geezer is ahead of his time is just stating the obvious. His space-age itchings feverishly hop between styles, twitching with ADHD mania, seemingly having invented their cornucopia of influences themselves. It really is as if he’s here from the future.

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Stock up on popcorn, Scorsese's George Harrison flick's on the way

The academy-award winning wizard behind 'Taxi Driver' is set to release his third rockumentary on 10th October, profiling the life and sitar-twanging times of the Beatles' own moustachioed guru. Being a slightly obsessive fan of both these titans of pop culture, the wait for this one's got me fidgeting like a kid on christmas eve. In a world saturated by generic Beatles documentaries, surely only a handful of directors are capable of keeping us from yawning through such an endeavor, but the "spiritual journey" through Harrison's life that Scorsese plans to take us on could well deliver. With a wealth of previously unseen footage and unheard songs having supposedly appeared out of nowhere (where do they keep finding all this stuff?!), I'm sure 'Living In The Material World" will have me sobbing in ecstasy like Beatlemania-era jailbait. Who's joining me?

Tune Of The Week

Here it is folks, the first of many.

        Polyphonic Spree - Lithium           [free download]

It's refreshing for someone to breath some air into a tune you've played stale, and having been a Nirvana fan pretty much since I got into music, 'Lithium' needed a pretty decent cover to be rescued for me. Polyphonic Spree's lush symphonic soundscape fits surprisingly snugly over Cobain's angular changes, although this version is surely proof that there isn't an artist in the world who could rub the Nirvana stamp off 'Lithium'. But then, maybe playing someone's song better than them is a little harsh anyway.

the orgy is underway...

           prepare for some grooving you slaaaaaags